CVS Coupon: $3 off $15 Purchase


CVS is offering a $3 off $15 purchase coupon if you create a CVS Pharmacy account.

You simply head over here to create your CVS pharmacy account and then the coupon will be emailed to you by May 24th.

You might consider using that on the fantastic diaper deal this week or starting next week, we will see some great deals like Starbucks coffee or K-Cups for $5.99 after ECB.

See more CVS deals for this week here.


  1. cathy says

    I think you need to already filled a prescription at the CVS pharmacy to get this coupon. I’ve never been to CVS pharmacy and website gives error message saying my name is not in their pharmacy records.

  2. Charlene says

    Cathy I got that email myself and I have never filled a prescription. I understood it to mean you needed to create an account to get the coupon.

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