Target Deals 4/21-4/27

Here are the best Target deals I see for the week. Be sure to check out Target’s coupon policy and the Target price matching policy. You can also see the entire list of current Target coupons available. You can also sign up for Target coupons on your cell phone . Don’t forget to read about the new 5% off discount with the Target RedCard.

This List Has Expired
Get a $5 Gift Card w/ Purchase of 2


  1. Rachel says

    Just checking… can you use the 20% off coupon on the ergo baby carrier?

  2. says

    I’m really excited my the $2 and $5 Target women’s shoe coupons. I’m heading over there this morning and hope to find some cheap flip flops or clearance sandals. I’ll let you know if I find a great deal. :)

  3. says

    Yep, I found clearance sandals for 7.50, so 2.50 with the coupon and flip flops are priced her at 2.50, so they were only 50 cents!!!! My store had a ton in silver, pink, blue and black

  4. Rachel says

    Just an update i was able to use the 20% off coupon on the Ergo baby carrier, with that and my red card (-5%) it came to $98 and a $20 gift card, pretty nice deal for the Ergo, now i just hope my baby likes it! :)

  5. Charlene says


    I was going back and forth about if I should post that. I wasn’t sure if it is an “accessory” or not so thanks for confirming. The Ergo is awesome- totally worth it in my opinion!

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