Starbucks: Half Off Frappucinos in May

Starbucks has a new Frappuccino they are launching- Mocha Cokie Crumble.

They will also have half priced Frappuccinos back starting May 3-12th from 3-5pm only. 

I’ll tell you it is super hot today so I could totally go for one of these right now!



And if you want to make a super easy and really delicious Starbucks drink at home, check out my Copycat Starbucks Iced Passion Tea Lemonade recipe.


  1. karen says

    is it for starbucks locations only or does it include target? for me its easier to go to a target one b/c the starbucks ones here are usually pretty busy and small parking lots. :(

  2. Charlene says


    You can call and ask. Sometimes they do participate and sometimes they have their own promotions that vary by store.

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