Simple Homemade Drain Cleaner


I have mentioned this tip a year ago or so under the easy DIY bathroom cleaners post.  I thought it was worth mentioning again though because I am in the process of a nice deep clean in the kitchen this week!

This was partly due to the fact that my wonderful husband went through a few packages of chicken I bought and put them into individual servings to stick in the freezer.  He left all the extra chicken wrapping and trays in the trash and when I came home to our lovely sunny kitchen (on a nice warm day)…. well you can imagine how pleasant that smells.

So I thought I’d do a good scrub down of the kitchen and wanted to remind you how easy it is to freshen a sink and also clear up any gross clogging issues you might have.

This works 99% of the time for me in both the kitchen and the bathroom and is a very inexpensive and non toxic solution.

I like to do this in the kitchen sink about once a week to keep things nice and fresh and smelling good.

All you need is:

  • 1 cup baking soda
  • 1/2 cup vinegar

And get a plate out to cover up right away.

So you simply pour the baking soda down the drain and then dump the vinegar on top.  It fizzes a little so grab your plate and put it on top of the drain right away.

Next just leave it alone for a bit- 20-30 minutes and then remove the plate and run hot water (make sure it is hot) for about 2 minutes.

And that is all there is to it!

A nice fresh and clean sink.  If you want extra credit you can also put your lemon or other citrus rinds down the drain.  I drink lemon water daily so I run those down the garbage disposal too.

And you want to check out more easy and nontoxic cleaners here.

Does anyone else have easy cleaning tips they want to share?  I know I love shortcuts!

Stay tuned because I will be posting a few other easy tips to get that kitchen looking amazing tomorrow!



  1. Ashley says

    AHHH. I so need this right now. My sink and tub are clogged and i’ve used everything but they only work for a short period of time. Also, i’ve heard a lot about drinking lemon water daily recently. I tried it and it was disgusting. What are the benefits and how do you drink it?

  2. Melissa S. says

    6 weeks ago I finally ran out of my method spray cleaner. I have been using the 50/50 vinegar water mixture and just love it. I personally LOVE the smell of vinegar. I know, I’m unique;). My hubby is happy it’s so cheap. One thing that I will caution people about with septic tanks, be careful about using a lot of vinegar being put into your sytem. It will kill the good bacteria and may cause problems w/ your system. I don’t use it in my drains. Just a little bit of info. Thanks for all of your tips:)!

  3. Julie says

    You mention using this in the kitchen sink; could it also be used in the bathtub drain?

  4. Charlene says

    Julie yes absolutely. In fact the first sentance of the post is a link to the DIY bathroom cleaners post. You can find all sorts of simple cleaner recipes for the bathroom there.

  5. cathy says

    i would suggest dumping the baking soda and vinegar down the drain.
    THEN cover the drain with a cup or saucer for the 20-30 minutes. somehow that makes it more effective. and i’ve mostly read that it is best to then dump boiling water down the drain from a few feet above.
    i have down this a few times with good results.
    i need to do more on a regular basis to keep the drains free.

  6. cathy says

    Sorry, Charlene. I need to read more closely.
    Thanks for all of the great advice!

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