{Expired} Free Disney Princess Phone Call

There is a nice offer available for a free princess call.  We did this and the girls loved it.

Just text Disney to 33992 and it was Tangled, Cinderella or Merida.  We set the time for the call and Tangled called us.  It is a cute little recorded message that plays.

You can also still get a free Sparkle doll when you buy a Disney movie at $24.99 from Target this week.
Doll is valued at $9.99 and is Barbie size.
Titles to choose from: Brave Blu Ray, Tangled BluRay, Mulan and Mulan II Bluray, Cinderella Blu Ray, Princess and the Frog Blu Ray
You can get this offer online if you don’t want to stop by the store.


  1. melissa f says

    I have never used a text like this before but I think my daughter would really like this. If you do this does it open up your phone for lots of spam messages???

  2. Rachel says

    Fun! I did this with my 3 yo and chose Cinderella. She met her at Disneyland and got a kick out of the phone call. Thanks!

  3. Jenna says

    Sorry about this, pet peeve. Her name is Rapunzel, not Tangled. Sorry again, it just really bugs me.

  4. Charlene says

    Jenna, yes you are correct her name is Rapunzel but I think the majority of people recognize her as Tangled :). I used to correct my children when they called her Tangled and then it occured to me- what’s it to me? It is their Princess story not mine and if they attach better to Tangled why should I nag at them about it ;).

  5. Grace says

    Hey I don’t know if this doesn’t work anymore but I texted Disney to 33992 but it keeps sending me messages from norvartis pharmaceutical corp.? Did I do something wrong?

  6. Charlene says


    This offer was posted almost a year ago. It absolutely worked in April of 2013 but now it is February of 2014 and the offer expired.

  7. spiritharrison says

    I just want to say all the acter on disneychannel all the TV shows I enjoy the shows you have.And I did not forget about Zenda I love Shake It Up Iove your songs.

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