Target Deals and Ad 3/10-3/17

Here are the best Target deals I see for the week. Be sure to check out Target’s coupon policy and the Target price matching policy. You can also see the entire list of current Target coupons available. You can also sign up for Target coupons on your cell phone . Don’t forget to read about the new 5% off discount with the Target RedCard.

This List Has Expired
Buy 2 Items and get a $5 Gift Card


  1. Courtney says

    There is a revlon 2.00 mq off face product and also a 2.00 revlon target coupon in the paper which will probably make for some inexpensive makeup.

  2. Stacia says

    They have two of the $5/purchase of $20 for the Mossimo brand – one is a Target printable, and one is a Target mobile coupon. I love the long and lean tanks, so I was able to get 8 of those for $30, just did two separate transactions. And then there’s a mobile coupon for $5/purchase of $20 for Merona, and there are some nice shirts for $7ea.

    That’s how I just used them :)

  3. Julianne says

    Jasmine: the total $7.74 is after subtracting $.25 for man coupon and $2.50 for the gift card value (half of $5) from the price of $9.99

    Right, Charlene?

  4. Charlene #2 says

    How does one obtain the mobile coupon? I clicked on the link but nothing happens – just pulls up a target webpage – I’m not very techy so any guidance is appreciated. New to this site – looks great! Thanks for the help.

  5. Charlene says

    Hi Charlene #2,

    You mean the one for eggs? Just click the link and that will bring up a page that tells you how to get the coupon. Scroll down for complete instructions. You will see from the image in the post that a mobile coupon is one you need to request via text and you need to have a smart phone to display the coupon bar code.

  6. Charlene #2 says


    Hope you don’t receive this twice. No actually, I was interested in the food saver product that had two $10.00 off coupons – one of which was mobile. In case I didn’t duplicate this post – just want you to know that I’m so glad I found your site – I love it and have already spent hours checking it out. Thanks again for replying and taking the time to put all the effort into this.

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