Sprouts Deals 3/13-3/20

Here are your Sprouts Deals for the week.  If you shop on Wednesday only they have an overlapping ad- so get 2 weeks of deals in one day.

You can see the Sprouts deals for 3/13-3/20 below and then the deals that run through 3/13 here.

Get a 50% off Sprouts Brand salsa coupon here and you can get a $5 off $50 Sprouts coupon here.

Plus you can get more Sprouts coupons here.  Most stores will allow you to use one store coupon and one manufacturer coupon on the same item.

This List Has Expired


  1. jami says

    can we use the 5 off 50.00 coupon with other coupons like the american flatbread coupons?
    or do i have to do two tarnsactions? one trans of 50.00 and another of one that I have coupons for?


  2. Charlene says

    Jami- at my store the Sprouts coupons are counted last. So the total after all other coupons would need to be $50. You can always call your store to double check though.

  3. jami says

    thanks charlene.
    so we can use other coupons with this 5/50. because this coupons says can not be used with any othr coupon

  4. Marisa says

    If folks out there like Cliff Builder Bars, Sprouts has them for 4 for $5.00. If you buy a case (12 count) then they take an additional 10% off at my local store. Maybe call first to confirm, but that made it $1.12 per bar which is a great deal from what I can find. :)

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