Lowe’s Coupon: $10 off $50

I love Lowe’s and if you do too you might want to hurry over to get a Lowe’s printable coupon for $10 off a $50 purchase.

Just follow these very simple steps to find the coupon:

1. Click on the link here to go the coupon page: Lowe’s Coupons.

2. On the landing page, scroll down to the bottom right corner and look for a keyboard and under that it says coupon codes.

3. Click on “Coupon Codes” and you will see the Lowe’s coupon come up. Then click on “Print Coupon.”

This is perfect timing for all those spring and summer outdoor projects!

The coupon doesn’t expire until May but I am sure it will reach the print limit soon so don’t wait!

(Thanks Surviving the Stores)

And speaking of Lowe’s- here are some fun ideas with items you can pick up at Lowe’s:

Look at these gorgeous seed planting pots that are used to hold fruit and veggies for a party!  How smart and how fun is that? Get the scoop plus more fantastic ideas from Pillow Thought.

This is one of my favorite ideas from Lowe’s- it is so simple to do.  Just coffee filters and paint!  I made this last year and it was 40 minutes and $4.00 to do and made such an impact at our party.

And last but not least, you might take a look around and see if you spot these awesome Ball containers.  I use these all the time they are safe for the freezer!  Check out some make ahead smoothie recipes here.



  1. Julie says

    I sure can’t find it! I get to the “more” selection, and nothing called “coupon codes” comes up. Please give more info because I would love this coupon! Also, do you know if I can stack this with a manufacturer’s coupon?

  2. Charlene says

    Ack! I don’t see it now either but don’t worry. Just click the link, go to the bottom right corner and you see a keyboard that says coupon codes.

  3. Jodi says

    Nevermind…I found it under LOCAL DEALS. YEA!!! There’s a great Starbucks one too!!!

  4. Charlene says

    Jodi- It isn’t. Can you try refreshing the blog home page and check for new directions. The coupon location simply changed.

  5. Charlene says

    That Starbucks one is a little sketchy :). They got a flyer that was passed out at Starbucks and scanned it into a computer and are distributing it as a printable coupon…. So just be aware that it isn’t actually a coupon issued by Starbucks- it is a PDF of a coupon that was given out in limited numbers in stores. You might be able to use it or you might not :)

  6. Erin says

    Thanks for the updated instructions, Charlene! Got it! I wanted this one so bad…we just moved into a new house!

  7. melissa says

    Got it. Then went to my other computer and printed another one and noticed the bar codes are identical. How many of these can you print? We are in there ALL the time. Could I use one each time?

  8. naomi says

    Yes I’m wondering the same thing as Melissa.I printed 2 and have same barcode. Hopefully it will work

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