Vera Bradley: Tech Cases from $11.99

Here are a few deals from Vera Bradley available this weekend only.

You can get the laptop backpack for $59.99 right now- marked down from $109.

This is pretty expensive for a backpack but personally I think it is worth it if you haul a laptop around a lot.

This has been a great investment for me because I do haul my laptop around all the time and this keeps it nice and secure and protected.  I had a cheaper backpack I used to use and my computer flopped right out onto the sidewalk one day at the park.

This one is quilted and it is snug so even if you forget to zip it up (not that I have done that but just saying if you happen to forget because your kids are arguing and under your feet and you are just trying to get into Starbucks to get them a snack before they drive you completely insane and you are rushing to get your wallet and keys and 100 million other things and think you zipped it up but someone tripped and fell and now you are listening to crying and didn’t zip it and the laptop is just sitting there nice and safe despite your close call with losing your mind…)

You can pick from all the colors on this one.

And the e-reader sleeve is priced at $19.99- marked down from $34.  This is only for the colors on sale so make sure to click that little tab.

The laptop sleeves are priced at $19.99 from $45. 

The tech organizer is priced at $17.99 from $38.

And the tablet sleeve is priced at $11.99 from $38.  Click sale colors to see the ones on sale.

The shipping is $5.95 right now which is actually discounted- usually it is about $8.



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