Target: Valentine’s Clearance + Hidden Deals


Many of you probably found Valentine’s products at 70% off as of yesterday at Target.  The candy might be at 50% off now.

Not all stores follow the exact same schedule but most of them should have things at 70% off to make room for the Easter stuff now.

I wanted to mention two hidden deals that you might want to look for.

For some reason I find that holiday baked goods don’t always get marked on sale.  These little cupcakes were $.89 at my store and I found them in the bakery section with no price tag.

I scanned them and they came up at $.89- these are good until 2/29 so plenty of time to eat them.

Also you might just check your toy department for these little Sesame Street figures.  They were marked at $4.99 at my store but I tested the soccer Elmo pack and the Abby pack and both were actually $1.87.

These were part of the Valentine’s Day section and I think they also have them regularly in the toy department.  So when they got marked down for the Valentine’s Day clearance they got marked down on the regular shelf too.

These are great for Easter baskets- my girls actually have these as bathtub toys and $1.87 is a great deal.

You may not find the same deals at your store but it is worth looking!




  1. Sarah O. says

    We found some My Little Pony toys on sale today. They were with other MLP toys and they had DVD’s in the pack with them. They scanned as $1.51 and looked like they were originally $5.99, so a great deal when you have three little MLP fans in your house!

  2. Amy says

    Awesome find on the Sesame figurines! I am gonna look for them on this week’s trip (I don’t miss many weekly trips to Target!) Thanks for the tip! I love your blog!

  3. Melinda says

    Thanks for the tip on the Sesame Street toys! I found the same deal at one of my local SoCal Targets (Cerritos) and like your picture, they were with the regular toys marked on price cut but, rang up at $1.79. Great for Easter baskets!

  4. Stefanie says

    My Target didn’t have much left by way of Valentine’s clearance, however they did have the cute Valentine’s bakery products- mini cupcakes, frosted sugar cookies, chocolate dipped cookies. They were found in the grocery section, not marked but they all scanned at .29 (down from $2.99) expiration dates weren’t until 3/15/13!

  5. ShannonA says

    I found girls socks, slipper socks, and tights Valentine themed pink and red, tag had hearts and xoxo on it. They were not marked but they were scanning at 90% off only $0.40 down from $4

  6. Sara says

    Hi Charlene,
    I just want to mention a creative way to store puzzles! I heard you mention you are doing some spring cleaning. I picked up some reuseable sandwich bags (3 per pack) for 1.00 in cute designs in the dollar spot at my Target. I thought they would be a great way to organize our puzzles just put the puzzle pieces in a cut out the front of the box so they know how to do the puzzle! They are also a great way to store flashcards for my daughter spelling test!

  7. Charlene says


    That is very easy. We have ours in Ziploc baggies but I know what you are talking about and those would be much more fun!

  8. Amy says

    My Target only had the $4.99 sale on the Sesame figurines, so I only got one! Still not a bad deal for a little happiness on Easter morning! Thanks!

  9. Charlene says

    You know Amy I think they fixed it :). I would keep your receipt just in case. We tend to see A LOT of toy deals before Easter.

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