Target: Valentine’s Barbies $3.49


I posted the $3 off 2 Barbie toy coupon last week and wanted to mention in the Valentine’s Day section at Target, they have these little Barbies for $4.99.

These are the smaller dolls (these never seem to last very long in our house) but this might be a cute little something to grab for your little ones.

The coupon I printed has an expiration of  3/7 so there is a chance you might find these dolls on clearance after Valentine’s Day. Target tends to jump to 50% off on February 15th- so since the regular price is $5.99- you might find them for $3.00.

This is a manufacturer coupon so you can use it at any store, I just happened to check at Target this week.

Another option would be to sit tight until the end of the month.  There will be a new Barbie movie released, Barbie and the Pink Shoes, and usually there are promotions on the dolls along with the movie release.


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