Sprouts Deals 2/20-2/28


Here are your Sprouts Deals for the week.  If you shop on Wednesday only they have an overlapping ad- so get 2 weeks of deals in one day.

You can see the Sprouts deals for 2/20-2/28 below and then the deals that run through 2/20 here.

This List Has Expired

*Don’t miss the free animal cookies, salsa and guacamole here!



  1. franki says

    I bought the flatbread pizzsa yesterday and was going to report the $4 Q but I see it’s here already!
    There were 2 types in my store, one was vegan. Haven’t tried any yet.

    There is a coupons.com Q for .55/1 Imagine soup I combined to for final price of .45

    My store has cantaloupe for .49/lb. They didn’t look so good though.

    Shopped double-ad Wed. and not sure if the Wholly Guacamole/Salsa ended but it was marked .99/ea in my store. I had $1/1 Salsa IPs that didn’t scan. Clerk put them thru. Not sure what Sprouts policy is on Qs over the purchase price. I did point it out up front so he could adjust the selling price to $1 if that would work for them.
    Also used the 5 off 30. My total was about $29 after store coupons. Right at the very end, my total jumped up $5. Presume it was store coupons, and that the total should be $30 before vendor Qs? Store mgmt didn’t know, and gave me back $5.

  2. Charlene says


    Yes you need to spend $30 after all coupons and discounts. The Sprouts coupon is supposed to be the last one scanned.

  3. franki says

    uh oh…well, glad I asked first at the store. Thanks for the info Charlene
    I just got next week’s ad and see a lot of BOGO items
    do you know if they take 2 Qs on BOGOs?

    I googled but can only find their policy listed on some other coupon blogs, apparently emailed to them. Doesn’t address Qs on BOGO

  4. Charlene says

    Nope I don’t know. I get the feeling the stores have a lot of discretion as to how they handle coupons. I have also noticed the registers are very sensitive to coupons. I personally am not a fan of those- “hey I found this coupon policy that someone emailed to someone” arguments ;).

  5. Charlene says

    Hey Franki, I went today to use those $4 pizza coupons and the price was $7.99- Buy One Get One. I wasn’t sure if I would get the $5.99 price or how it would work but both coupons went through and they were free.

    The register didn’t beep or anything.

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