Sprouts Deals 2/13- 2/20


Here are your Sprouts Deals for the week.  If you shop on Wednesday only they have an overlapping ad- so get 2 weeks of deals in one day.

You can see the Sprouts deals for 2/13-2/20 below and then the deals that run through 2/13 here.

**My Sprouts ad for this week has a $5 off $30 coupon on the front page!  I hope you get lucky too.

This List Has Expired



  1. Endcapps says

    Thx for the Sprouts Deals! In the e-mailed Sprouts Newsletter, I found a coupon for a free Think Thin Bar. Also am planning on using the recent $1/1 So Delicious insert coupon to get Coconut Milk for $1

  2. Endcapps says

    Thank you, Hillary, for posting that Sprouts has Wholly Guacamole on sale for $1.50! The shelftag today said $1.50 thru 2/20. Free after $1.50 coupon (NLA) or $.50 after $1 coupon in Charlene’s post about Wholly.

    Think thin Divine not on shelf so they let me get any variety. The Feb. sprouts coupon book free at entrance had additional Vans and Rudi’s Coupons.

  3. Stephanie says

    I wish there was a Sprouts in Natomas! I think I’m going to have to start shopping the Land Park location on my lunch break, their deals are SOO great! I’m jealous!!!

  4. Charlene says

    You know Stephanie you are right. It is my favorite store actually. Quiet, clean, so easy to shop. Today I came home with chicken, tons of fruit, some veggies, lovely flowers, guacamole and some fancy meatballs for my hubs. I spent $40 and we have a fridge full of fresh wonderful food. I think when you go to a store that has real food, you buy that and hopefully eat that. When I shop at Walmart and Winco and such they have these giant displays of chips and velveeta and cookies and sodas and that is what goes in my cart! So I think that our family eats WAY better now that we shop more at Sprouts. They simply don’t have all that junky stuff so you don’t buy all the junky stuff :).

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