Safeway: Special K Cereal as low as $.35

In my coupon inserts today, I noticed a Safeway ad that featured Special K Chocolatey Strawberry cereal for $1.50.

Unfortunately this is an 11oz box and all the Special K coupons I have found are for 11.4oz+.

You might check your Just for U account though because mine had a $1 off Special K size 11oz+ coupon.

I did test this today and the $1 off coupon came off just fine for me- making the box $.50.

I also noticed a 10% off any cereal coupon under my personalized deals.  That took another $.15 off so my final price was $.35 for the box!

This is a great item to pick up for donation if you don’t need it.

I can’t guarantee you will find the same coupons in your account but it might be worth checking out!

See more Safeway deals for 2/3-2/9 here.


  1. Viviana says

    I found them on my account. I don’t quite understand the special K one, it says one time, but does that mean I can buy more than one in that one time? Or is it really just the one?

  2. Karen T. says

    It is just one. I checked at the store last night to scan 2 boxes, but the $1 Just 4 U only came off of one box…sometimes you just don’t kow with these Just4U coupons… mine didn’t show a limit, but showed “one-time”. Sometimes these will come off of multiple items, but not this time :(

  3. Charlene says


    It used to be multiple items in one visit but as of a few weeks ago my account was only allowing me one item. Other readers said they can still buy multiples but thst hasn’t been my experience.

  4. Anjela says

    When the coupon says “On any ONE” like this one this is equivalent to Limit 1. If the ONE is capitalized.
    This is what a customer service representative told me and what I have learned from experience.

  5. Charlene says

    Hmm.. Maybe that is the case Anjela. I remember an offer awhile back though where we were all buying the exact same item and it only worked once for me and a few other readers were able to use the offer several times in one transaction. My assumption was that it was a glitch in the program that they were ironing out.

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