Preorder Wreck It Ralph and Save $8

Here is a nice deal from Amazon if you are planning to purchase Wreck It Ralph.  Save $8.00 when you add an eligible Disney title to your preorder.

The movie comes out 3/5 and you must make your purchase by 3/4 to qualify for the $8.00 savings.

There are lots of movies to choose from starting at $19.99- Cars 2, Cinderella, Tangled and more. It actually isn’t a bad deal at all considering $19.99 is already a good price for some of those movies.

To get the discount:

Purchase Wreck It Ralph Ultimate Collectors Edition or 2 Disc Collector’s Edition
Add a qualifying DVD to your order
The discount is added at checkout.
Shipping will be free.

You can see I tested the basic Collector’s Edition and Cinderella and my cart looked like this.

Head over to Amazon to have a look at the entire selection of eligible titles.


  1. Andrea De La Garza says

    Scott Toilet Paper is working with DisneyMovieRewards to offer $7.00/1 Wreck It Ralph for those that want to wait and see if the stores will offer a good price on this movie as well. If you sign up for Scott Toilet Paper (on their website) and if you have a disneymovierewards account you can print this coupon and save it for when the movie comes out.

  2. Charlene says

    Yes thank you Andrea I am aware of the coupon. I will post that once we get an idea of the in store prices.

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