$7 Off Peter Pan Diamond Edition Blu-Ray Combo Pack Coupon



There is a new coupon to print for Peter Pan.  You can save $7 off the Diamond Edition Blu-Ray Combo Pack.  This movie was just released today so you will definitely want to grab this coupon.

It requires a few steps but it doesn’t take long:

  • Sign up for Scott Products Shared Values.
  • Once you have answered one question and clicked to agree to the terms of the coupon, you will be given a code for the coupon. Copy that.
  • Head over to your Disney Movie Rewards account and enter your code. (Just follow the link they provide- it will prompt you to log into your Disney Movie Rewards account.)
  • Paste the code you have and click the banner they direct you to.  Next print your coupon. (it is a bricks coupon and you should be able to print two coupons)

This coupon is only valid to redeem through 2/8.  This sounds like a lot of bother but it took me just about 1 minute to do myself.

You can take a look at the prices for Peter Pan at various retailers here.

Target has the BluRay combo pack for $22.99 this week- so that would be just $15.99 after coupon!

And don’t forget about the free Peter Pan coloring pages and activities.



  1. Maria Maccaroni says

    I was supposed to receive a code to use for Disney’s Peter Pan for signing up. Never received the code

  2. Megan says

    If I have already signed up in the past how do I get my code? I signed in and answered questions but no code was given.

  3. Maria Maccaroni says

    I received the code for the Peter Pan movie. Doesnt work..this was a scam

  4. Charlene says


    What an awful thing to say. Of course it isn’t a scam. I am sure there is something wrong somewhere along the way. Scott is a large corporation and very credible. They have no reason to “scam” you and I don’t have any reason to do it either. In fact it gives me more work when things I post don’t go smoothly for people.

  5. Charlene says


    I just logged into my account, saw a large full screen banner ad for the offer and clicked that. Answered one question and clicked the box to agree to the terms of the coupon and another page came up giving me a code in red and very large letters. I copied the code and clicked the link they provided to get to Disney Rewards. Once there, I was prompted to sign into my Disney account. Did that, entered the code, was told to click here for my coupon and I was done. I would say it took me about 60 seconds to 90 seconds in total to do.

    Is your pop up blocker blocking a page or are you trying to do this from a mobile device?

  6. Charlene says

    First you said you didn’t get a code and now you say the code doesn’t work. My code worked fine. Perhaps you can try again.

  7. Susan says

    The first time I logged in I got a code for free family fun. Then I went back and clicked on the banner for the offer. I answered the one question and got my code. Thank you!

  8. Amy says

    Mine got to the last page as well and said the offer was no longer available. That was on the Disney Rewards side.:(

  9. Charlene says


    I printed as I was responding to the lady calling it a scam. So I am 100% sure it worked fine when I posted it. Obviously they ran out of prints since that time. Sorry you missed it. Hopefully most people at least got the $5 off coupon I posted several days ago. :(

  10. Amy says

    Yep, maybe that’s the issue. I contacted coupons.com as the website suggested, so maybe they can shed some light on it, since it is still up on the other sites.


  11. Stephanie says

    The coupon is still printing. I just printed and had no problems. Thanks Charlene

  12. Amy says

    Hooray!! I tried it after you posted it was printing again! Success!!:)

    Thanks Charlene!

  13. Melissa B. says

    I called the nice people at Scott. They confirmed they had a glitch, and it took all afternoon to work it. If you signed into Scott and got a code, it’s still in your acct. You can now enter it at the Disney website, and it will work. I just printed mine! Thanks for all your hard work, Charlene!! :)

  14. This works says

    I got my code and went to Disney movie rewards and typed in the code got my $7 coupon and bought the blu ray combo for $12 @ walnart with an extra Peter Pan toy

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