Target Toy Clearance 70% off


Now I can’t make any promises here but I have a hunch many Target stores will hit 70% off toy clearance tomorrow (1/10).

This will vary from store to store and some of you might have stores that already hit 70% off.

There is a good chance that tomorrow is going to be the day and a few things to note-

  • One is that it is always best to scan items.  Sometimes things are marked at 30% off or 50% off but if you take a second to scan you might find they are priced lower.
  • The second is that typically with the toy clearance you have to wait for the employees to mark things down.  So if you head into your store early you might want to keep an eye out for the mark down team and just follow behind them ;).

I am not sure if I will hit this sale this year or not.  I have gone every year for quite awhile now and it can be a great time to stock up on birthday gifts or grab some items that Santa forgot to bring.

If you do head into your store tomorrow come back and let us know what you find!  If Target is not a convenient stop you can always call ahead.  I do recommend asking for someone in the toy department because often the people working the front might not have accurate info.

UPDATE:  You might want to call ahead because it looks like many stores might still be at 50% or even 30% off.  If that is the case for you, either Sunday 13th or Thursday 17th is when they might possibly do another markdown.  It should be Thursday according to the markdown schedule but the past few months it seems like they are doing more random markdowns on Sundays.

Happy Hunting!


  1. Andrea says

    Was there at 9AM in PA, everything at 50%, however, moving everything finally to one area and adding the new toys to shelves

  2. Rachel says

    I stopped by a store in WA and it was still 30-50% off and a fairly small selection. One aisle + one end cap.

  3. Christine says

    Howell, NJ store was 30-50%, but everything was moved to just 2 (maybe 3) isles and new toys being brought out. I’m sure by the end of the week it will be 70% off.

  4. Elvia says

    I went to one in Long Beach, CA yesterday and scanned a few things in hopes of them being priced lower, but they’re still at 30%.

  5. Pamela says

    Redmond, WA is down to 70% off! Great deals but my house is really overwhelmed with christmas toys right now so did not get anything…

  6. Katie says

    Some things at my southern Wa Target were marked to 50% off this afternoon, just FYI! You think they’re following coupon blogs and it’s like a staring contest? 😉

  7. Charlene says

    I think staring contest is the best possible way to describe it Katie! I am going to check in on Sunday. This is far later then they marked down last year and just flat out annoying really ;).

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