Target: Hormel Party Trays $3.49


My Target store has the Hormel party trays on sale this week.

This is an unadvertised deal running through 2/2 and might be worth keeping an eye out for at your store.

Buy 1 Hormel Tray at $9.49
Use $3/1 Target coupon
and Use $3/1 Hormel coupon
Final Price: $3.49

I think this is a great price for this large tray and it is a perfect item to take to Super Bowl parties!

The leftovers are perfect for DIY lunchables. Here is one I just made for my kiddos with leftovers:

And you can see more quick lunchbox ideas for the kiddos here.


  1. Carolyn says

    Sacramento Madison wouldn’t let me use 1 target & 1 manufacture for this product on Saturday. They told me I could one or the other but not both.

  2. Charlene says


    The next time you have that issue just go to customer service for help. If customer service gives you the same line then get on your phone to Target corporate or call them from a red phone in store. They can set the store straight for you ;). As long as you had one Target coupon and one manufacturer coupon you can absolutely use both of them just as I said in the post. Sometimes the stores are uneducated on policies or they have a lot of fraud which makes them kind of mean about it :). You can read the coupon policy here

  3. Carolyn says

    I did email Target, but I haven’t received a response.
    Thank you. I’ve enjoyed your blog.

  4. caslp says

    This worked fine at the Target in Natomas….they had plenty in stock of both the salami and the ham/turkey….thank you so much for posting, Charlene!

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