Sambazon Juice or Smoothie Coupon ($.68 at Walmart!)


There is a new Sambazon coupon available for $2 off a 10.5oz  bottle of organic juice or smoothies.

This is a really great coupon because this product is priced at about $2.68 at Walmart stores- so $.68 after coupon!

I see it on sale at my local grocery stores for $2 or less (Sprouts and Raleys) fairly often so you might keep an eye out at your grocery store too.

I believe this product is usually found with the Odwalla or pomegranate juices near or in the produce area.

There are several different values to this coupon so you need to use zip code 03110 to find the $2 off 1 bottle and make sure to click on beverages.

I had to sign in (upper right) and click account settings and that allowed me to change the zip.  Make sure your state is set to the blank space which is the very first one on the drop down bar. 

(Thanks Organic Deals)

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