Safeway: Jennie O Turkey Bacon $.99

If you have a Safeway Family store nearby, you might check your Just for U account for this Jennie-O coupon.

I found this in my account under coupon center and meat.

If you do find it, load it to your card and you can stack that price with the $1/1 Jennie O Bacon coupon.

Your final price is going to be $.99!

My coupon has a limit of 1 but if you want additional packages, the price should be $1.49 after coupon.

You can see more Safeway deals for the week here.

Thanks Brenda!



  1. Stephanie says

    awesome, thank you! I love the Safeway deals you post because that’s where I buy all of my groceries. :)

  2. KM says

    Actually, it isn’t limit one. It’s one time. My experience is that I can purchase multiples, but it has to be done in one transaction. :)

  3. Sarah says

    My husband did this deal for me last night. It actually doesn’t have a limit. It is just a one time coupon. Our Safeway says that we could buy as many as we like in one transaction but after that transaction the price goes to the club card price.
    He only bought 2 packs but they were both $1.99 before coupon. Great deal! Thank you!

  4. Charlene says

    Is it still working as unlimited on the one time deals for you? Those used to be unlimited for me but the last few times only one coupon worked when I bought multiple items. A few others mentioned the same experience. Maybe they fixed it though?

  5. Stephanie says

    I bought 2 packs in one transaction and it took off one J4U ecpn of $1.00 off. But I still ended up with 2 packs for $1.98, which is awesome! Thanks!

  6. Lisa P says

    I spotted a $1 coupon for the Jenny O turkey bacon last night on I used (4) coupons and purchased 4 packs of this at Safeway today @ $1.99 each. So 99 cents each after coupons. I double checked the J4U ad posted in the store and it did say “one time use”. Nothing about a limit.

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