Home Depot Garden Club: Register for Coupons

This is one of my favorite programs to register for. You can click above to sign up for the Home Depot Garden Club. The Garden Club will send you emails but usually the emails have great tips inside as well as coupons.

My last email came about 2 weeks ago and inside was a $5 off $50 coupon. While that isn’t a huge discount, I will take $5 any day and we spend a lot of money at Home Depot. (Especially with spring around the corner.)

So if you have any home improvement projects or if you might be looking at new outdoor furniture, spring plants, grills and so on you might consider signing up for the emails and see what you get.

Typically the coupons are specific to the person they are sent to so they can’t be shared.


  1. Nicole says

    I love Lowe’s and Home Depot coupons! I cringe every time I hear “I’m running to Home Depot” at my house. Thanks.

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