Hobby Lobby, Joann’s and Michaels Coupons


Hobby Lobby:

  •  Save 40% off one regular price item (expires 1/19)

You can still get the Hobby Lobby app free for iPhone, Ipad and iPods.  The coupon is right there ready for you each week.  You can also pull up the coupon on your smart phone and show it to the cashier.

Find a Hobby Lobby location near you here and view the weekly ad here


Find a Michael’s location here and take a look at the weekly ad for Michael’s stores here.


Find a Joann’s location here and view the weekly ad here.

Just a reminder, I found some nifty cases at Michael’s and Joann’s before Christmas that were something like $5.00.

  1. These are considered scrapbook cases but they are a great size for Barbies, books, Leappads, art supplies or maybe Lego sets and other toys that tend to be underfoot all the time.  Each of my girls has one of these little cases to put all their treasures in and it tucks right under the bed.  That is all they get in their bedrooms and then the rest of their toys go into the playroom.



  1. D says

    Those cases are awesome! They are the same size as the ones Lego sells (for a much heftier pricetag!) to put in their Lego organizer. Love them b/c you can see what’s in them, too!

  2. delia says

    Charlene I just saw those boxes at Sams Club for a pack of 4-5 and were different colors. Just thought I would mention it in case people were on the look out for some. Can not remember the price though.

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