Costco Coupon Book Deals 1/2-1/27

Here are the coupon book deals that run from 1/2-1/27 at Costco. These books come in the mail or you can often find them at the customer service desk in store. Occasionally the cashiers have the booklets as well but it is best to have it with you just in case.

For the items listed as instant discount there is no coupon needed. The items listed as Costco coupons, you just need to scan the booklet at checkout and all the coupons will come off. (There is no need to actually cut coupons.)  Usually the cashier will just do that automatically for you.

These are all prices from my store so there may be some variation from region to region. I would love to hear if you are finding the same prices that I do at your store (and what state it is in!)

You can see the master list of Costco Everyday Deals here.

This List Has Expired


  1. Mindi says

    Thank you for the Costco match ups, sometimes I get scammed at Costco because things seem like a good deal only later to realize it was not. And other times I overestimate what would come in a normal package and think the bulk costs more, then I miss a good buy.

  2. Charlene says

    I hear ya Mindi. Things seem like a rip off and I skip them and later kick myself. And heaven forbid you stop in an aisle and try to calculate the prices. You might get run over ;).

  3. Charlene says


    The ones I described that are Costco coupon book coupons you can. If it is like a newspaper coupon you can not.

  4. Anne says

    You are my hero for figuring the Costco coupons out! You make life much easier! Thank you!!!!!! Much better than figuring out the prices with 3 kids in tow:)

  5. Abby says

    Woohoo, love the new year when healthy foods are on sale!! I got a bunch of these deals (all with the same prices here in Northern VA) but got an extra little surprise when I was looking for the quinoa/brown rice. My store has 4-packs and 6-packs, both with the $2.80 discount but the 4-packs were only $5.60 to begin with! So 70 cents per package! I’m guessing they were priced that way to get rid of them. Wish the discount limit had been higher than 2!

  6. Maria says

    @Abby I think the limit is 2 per shopping trip…. I have purchase more than what the limit states without a problem.

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