$3 off South Beach Diet Product (.98 after Coupon!)

There is a high value coupon for South Beach Diet products.  Save $3 off (1) box of snack bars, meal bars, sweet delights, ready meals or snack smoothies 4 packs.

The snack bars are about $3.98 at Walmart so just $.98 after coupon.   You might find some of these products even cheaper at your grocery store or maybe at Target.

And you can print a second South Beach Diet coupon here.

I doubt either coupon lasts long!


  1. Emelyn says

    THANK YOU sooo much for the great deals!! I was wondering, do you know what will happen at Safeway if the coupon is more than the product? It’s also priced at $2.50 at my Safeway, too. Thanks!!

  2. caslp says

    Just got back from Safeway, the ones are sale are the ones in the cereal aisle, the coupon is for the ones that are in the diet aisle and they are ALOT more expensive. Do not try to use this coupon on the cereal bars, they won’t work.

  3. Charlene says

    Caslp, I already made that correction. You must have dropped everything to race to the store because that mistake was only posted for about 30 minutes. Sorry you wasted a trip.

  4. caslp says

    Yep, I was on my way already this morning when I saw your post. Good thing I figured it out before getting to checkout and looking silly. No biggie, I had other shopping to do anyway. Thanks for correcting.

  5. franki says

    any other price sightings?
    I saw them at CVS (in diet section) for $6 something
    buy one get one half off
    and qualified for their free scale deal

    not bad if you want the scale, which I don’t

    I have broken foot so can’t do much checking around other stores
    would love to hear prices for other stores

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