VTech Mobi Go System $29.99 Shipped

This V-Tech Mobi Go system is priced at $29.99- marked down from $59.99. 

The shipping is free but the pink is the one on sale right now.

I checked Toys R Us and this is priced at $49.99 and I checked Walmart and it was priced at $49.97 so this is a significant price decrease.

Head over to grab your MobiGo now.  Just note the prices can change at any moment.

*The software is up to 40% off so might be a good thing to grab. 

If you want to look at another option, the Leapster Explorer GS is priced at $39.99 which is an excellent price.  This came out at $70 in October and $39 has been the lowest I have seen.

If you decide to get this one, you might take a look at the app card.  Get a $20 app card for $15 today.


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