Target: Lego Collections Starting at $9.99 + Free Shipping

Here is a nice deal on Legos.  You can get select collections starting at $9.99 today with free shipping.  You can also save 20% off when you spend $50.  It looks like they have a really nice selection with something for everyone.

Head over to Target to see all the sets included.  This sale is today (12/10) only.



  1. kim says

    How do you get the 20% of $50? I put one of the collection items in my cart ($66) but it didn’t take off 20%. Thanks!

  2. Charlene says


    I clicked the link and added the creator pickup to my cart for $66. The first stage of checkout- once I logged into my account- says order summary and takes $13.40 off the total.

    The price is $58.57 for me.

  3. kim says

    Crazy, I just did it again and it worked this time. Thanks for your help!

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