Target: Fijit Friends $15 (In Store Only)

I just ran into my Target and they still have the Fijit Friends for $15 in store!

They are sold out online so you’ll have to actually go to Target for this one.

When I checked at my store the shelf price was $55, but I took it to the price scanner and it did come up as $15!  So you might want to double check before you get discouraged that your store has them marked at a higher price.

Walmart has been running commercials that they have these for $15 so that would be another place to check.

And before you run to Target, check out the Shop for Free at Target list!


  1. Karen says

    My husband got two from Target the other day, but one wasn’t a color we really wanted, but hey..the girls both wanted one so we grabbed two. Anyway I was in Walmart yesterday and there sitting on the shelf were 3 of them…two the color we wanted! So the one is going back to Target. So thrilled about this! There is no way we could of got them both one at the regular price! Love your site :)

  2. Shari says

    Looks like you can get the purple or pink one online at Wal-Mart for $15 also. Look under the Green Monday link.

  3. Charlene says


    I believe you can get more info by clicking the link but it is a little thing and you push its belly and it says things.

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