Snapfish: 50% off Site-Wide

You can save 50% off at Snapfish right now.  This is perfect timing for all those holiday memories. You could make a photo book or calendar or lots of other items.

I tested the code out on the mugs and they dropped to $5. So that is just one idea.

Head over to Snapfish to get started.  Just use coupon code: 50YEAREND.  You  might test out shipping first before you spend a lot of time on your project.  You can also try coupon code: DECFS30 for free shipping on $30  orders.  I didn’t have any luck combining the codes though.

The 50% off offer ends January 1st.

Excludes all prints, American Greetings cards, Gallery Direct artwork, Skin-it photo skins, pre-paid prints, stamps, gift certificates, ScanCafe products or services, Disney, Nickelodeon Suites Resorts, Dr. Seuss, and DreamWorks themed products.

And you can still get penny prints here if you need to have prints developed.


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