Rite Aid Deals 12/02 – 12/08


Be sure to read all about the ad perk coupons.  You can see the newest Rite Aid Coupon Policy here. If you are new to Rite Aid shopping, you can read Rite Aid Couponing 101 before you get started.

This List Has Expired

Did I miss any other great deals this week?


  1. lily says

    hello charlene.
    K i need help my plan for rite-aid is trans #1 buy a macys GC and get $5 up rewards. Trans#2 buy the nivea lip care and get $5 up rewards. Trans#3 buy rite-aid juice and get $2 up rewards. Do u think this will work?

  2. Kina says

    The extra $2 ups did not come out for me on the pouches of Arm & Hammer. Also if you are going to do the Axe deal, note that the $2 off coupon are limited to 2 and for some reason according to the cashier and the couponer ahead of me it didn’t work when she tried to split the transaction into 2 and have it track so when I bought mine I bought all 4 together, but then surprise surprise I received 3 separate $5 +ups so it was still free plus technically a $2 money maker since I had the e-cpn loaded as well. I did not do any Black Friday deals so that would be a consideration if you did.
    They were all out of chocolate chips, kisses and sweetened condensed milk and the cashier told me that someone tried to buy one bag of kisses at one store and one at her store and it did not produce the +ups. She refunded the first bag and then rang them up together and then it gave her the +ups but it seems like some deals aren’t tracking and have to be purchased all together, hmmmm.

  3. franki says

    @ Kina: TY for the good info
    UPs deals that are dollar amounts “buy $15, get 5UP” will track
    UP deals that are based on number of items “buy 2 get UP” need to be purchased in the same transaction

    Rolling expiring UPs is a real challenge this week. We didn’t get Axe coupons.

  4. Charlene says


    Thank you for helping people :). You do it all the time and I really appreciate it. Sometimes I approve comments on my phone and I can’t always respond at the moment and then I forget and then you answer and that is very helpful!

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