Raley’s and Bel Air Coupon Deals 12/12

Here are the best deals I see at Raley’s this week.  You can also see the Raley’s coupon policy here.

You can read about the loyalty card program here.  They are now accepting registrations in store or online here.

This List Has Expired
RALEY'S OFFERS (These may not be the same for everyone)

You can see the Raley’s Catalina offers here.


  1. Lisa G. says

    My offers all expired on the 4th and I’ve had no new ones for 2 weeks now. Not much incentive to shop there, especially since the sale prices aren’t so great lately. I hope things change soon. I really like our local store but it’s an extra 7 mile roundtrip for me.

  2. Christina J says

    I have not had any offers since they went to the Something Extra. Really disappointed in their new system. Haven’t done much shopping there lately.

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