Pottery Barn Kids Bento Boxes $10 (12/4 Only)

Pottery Barn Kids has these Bento boxes for kiddos available for $10 today only (12/4).

The regular price is $16.50 and these come in 4 different color choices.

They are BPA free and fit in the dishwasher.

I love Bento boxes for lunchboxes- it keeps things neat and tidy and you can avoid using a million little baggies.

I use Bento boxes for snacks, for regular lunches and even for my lunch.

You can see the Bento Boxes from Pottery Barn kids here.

You can see a bunch of ideas for packing snacks and lunches here.


  1. Charlene says


    You would need to call your store and see. They should have the offer in store but I have found the stores can sell out of merchandise early or they might have a limited selection.

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