Nook Simple Touch $79 + $30 Gift Card Back

There is a great deal on the Nook Simple Touch today.  You can get it for $79 plus get $30 back in a Walmart gift card.

Usually the Simple Touch is as high as $99.  The lowest price we have seen is $39 on Black Friday and that sold out really fast.  So basically you pay $49 for this after gift card which is an excellent deal!

Head over to Walmart to grab your Nook.  The sale is supposed to be available all week however these might sell out so it is always best to grab it while you can.

You can also get $10 back on a $100 Walmart egift card today.

Another option is to get $50 off the Kindle Fire HD reader today only!




  1. Stefanie says

    anyone have any luck ordering this? I get all the way to the complete order button and then it gives me “Please accept our apologies we having temporary difficulties arriving at the destination you requested.” Such a bummer, I bought the $100 e giftcard too in order to get the bonus $10 – oh well!

  2. Charlene says


    Can you order it to pick up in store or try ordering it for delivery if you originally did it for pick up?

  3. Stefanie says

    Hi Charlene, I did try both ways and I’m getting that same page- I also closed the window and re-opened a new window. The only thing I didn’t try changing is ordering it with the egift card as payment, I’m afraid if I don’t then it’ll actually go through on my card when I purchased the egift card to use for this specifically- LOL.

  4. Mari says

    Same thing happened to me. I tried shipping option then changed to pick up. No luck.

  5. Charlene says

    Might be sold out now. At this price it is really best to order right away because there are a lot of people out there taking advantage of these great deals.

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