Kroger Deals 12/09 – 12/15

Here are the Kroger deals for the week courtesy of Frugal Coupon Living:

Kroger or Birds Eye Vegetables, 9-16 oz, $10/10
$.50/2 SS 11/18
=$.50 each

Maruchan Yakisoba, 4.11 oz, $10/10
$.50 SS 10/14

POM Wonderful Juice, 8 oz, $10/10
$1 printable
$.50 SS 12/02

Tennessee Pride Sausage, 8 ct. or 16 oz, $4/2
$1 printable
$1/2 printable
$.55 RP 11/4
$1 printable
$1/2 RP 11/04
=$1-$1.50 each

Sister Schubert’s Bread, 10.2-15.8 oz, $6/2
$1 Sister Schubert’s Mini Loaf or Sweet Hawaiian Rolls Product printable
$.75 Sister Schubert’s Homemade Rolls printable
$.75 SS 10/28
$.75 SS 11/18
$.50 October All You Magazine
=$2-$2.25 each

See the complete list of Kroger deals here.


  1. Heather says

    I just wanted to give you a heads up about your Kroger posts. They rarely ever and I mean EVER match up. Sure there is a POM coupon but its not for what is on sale..this seems to be the theme almost always. I know that regionally prices can vary but she gives coupon links to things that aren’t on sale. It can be very overwhelming to a new couponer. Its very frustrating when you have it all planned out and only 2 things on your entire list are actually what is on sale.

  2. Charlene says


    These are not my lists. I don’t have a Kroger store in my city so I don’t do the matchups for them. These lists are generated from Frugal Coupon Living and based off the SE ad. It does vary regionally. Are you saying that the sale items are not the same for you or are you saying the coupons listed under what is on sale are incorrect? It is a good habit to scan your local ad before you head to the store regardless of which store you shop at. I do the Safeway deals myself and I know there can be big variations from region to region- especially on produce and meat.

  3. Debbie says

    Heather, your Kroger could be like mine where the sale ad doesn’t actually start on that Sunday. Our ads run from Wed-Tues rather then Sun-Sat. It can get a little confusing because most of the deals are posted as Sun-Sat. You can check your local ad dates and plan your shopping accordingly. For example, I plan to shop on Tues this next week. My list will be based on last weeks 12/09-12/15 deals according to the websites that post the deals because my store will have that ad on 12/12-12/18. Does that make sense? Hope this helps.

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