How to Donate to Sandy Hook

Now that all the names of the victims of the Sandy Hook tragedy are being released it just makes the entire event even more heartbreaking.  It looks like (16) of the victims were only 6 years old and another (4) were only 7 years old.  And I don’t want to overlook the incredible heroics of the staff and teachers at that school.  The details of how they conducted themselves during the crisis are so inspiring.

My big girl is 5 1/2 years old and I consider her just a baby.  She is still afraid of the dark and she just lost (2) of her little teeth and she tells her baby sister that she loves her more than anyone else in the whole world. When we went to see Santa she pulled me down to whisper “Is that the real Santa Mommy?”  So this has really hit home for our family and I know many of you are feeling the same grief.

I was running around finishing up all our teacher gifts today and it occurred to me that I should also make a donation in the name of each of our children’s teachers and include that with their holiday cards this year.

I just wanted to mention this as an idea since so many of you are probably trying to get Christmas shopping done as well.

Here are a few ways you can donate:

United Way of Western Connecticut- either mail a check or donate online via credit card.

Red Cross- the Red Cross is offering assistance to the victims however they are recommending that you donate to the United Way above.

Newton Parent Connection- donations go directly to the families involved or to helping provide support services to the community.

Emilie Parker was one of the 6 year olds that was a victim of the shooting.  I will warn you that seeing this little girl’s face is just about as devastating as it gets.  You can see the Facebook page created to accept donations for her family via the First Credit Union in Utah.  You can mail a check or use paypal to donate.

Noah Pozner is a sweet little boy that was also 6 years old.  Donations to his family can be made via an Eventbrite link on Facebook.

Save the Children has a play center in Newtown, CT.  The space allows children to express themselves through play while the parents are undergoing counseling.  I am not seeing an option to donate directly to Newtown, CT but you can make a donation to Save the Children and the funds go to all sorts of causes around the globe.

Newtown Youth and Family Services is providing assistance to those impacted by this tragedy. All donations will go directly to those involved.

All of these resources are courtesy of and ABC  I believe the image above is courtesy of the Chicago Tribune.

And of course monetary donations are not all that is needed.  Just a little extra kindness to one other this season is what I am striving for.  You really never know what the person next to you is going through.

**I am going to try to find some free printable cards that can be included in a holiday card indicating the donation was made on someone’s behalf.  If I can find some, I will include them on this post for everyone to use so be sure to check back!

UPDATE:  I used the printable gift tags here.  I tied them with ribbon to the front of the gift and wrote a note on the back letting them know a donation was made on their behalf.



  1. kelly says

    I love the idea of making a donation in the teachers names. I have three children and my heart goes out to these families.

  2. Nicole says

    I just looked at Emily’s precious face and there are no words…….

  3. Jenn Troyer says

    Thank you, Charlene. Your idea to donate in honor of your childrens teachers is so thoughtful. I plan to do the same. My thoughts and prayers will continue to be with these families.

  4. Heather says

    Emile was a sweet girl my kids miss her she was so loving thank u for posting this I know the parents appreciate it as well

  5. Amy says

    Thank you, Charlene. Though I’ve been a fan of your site for a long time, this is my first post. I have a daughter who just turned 6 and is in kindergarten, and this tragedy hit home for me and my family as well. I absolutely love the idea of donating money in her teachers’ names. Thank you for the wonderful idea.

  6. Charlene says

    Welcome Amy! They are really just babies still aren’t they? So very, very sad.

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