Free Kre-O Toy Coupon


Be sure to check your SmartSource insert in today’s paper!  My paper has a coupon inside for a free Kreon microchangers figure.

If you decide to purchase extra papers just remember to check inside for the coupon before you buy.

Mine was on the last page of the insert.  The coupon has no purchase requirement so you can grab a little stocking stuffer for free!

*We are on a loooonnngg drive to Disneyland today and these types of things I always grab and tuck away.  I have all sorts of little toys to keep the kids busy on the car trip plus in the hotel.




  1. Laura says

    You couldn’t have picked a better time for Dinsneyland! Weather has been nice and cool, a little rainy but still perfect down here. Have an awesome time!

  2. bree says

    Have fun getting out of this nasty weather! Hope you house stays safe while you are away. Our neighborhood is flooding. :(

  3. Charlene says

    Oh Bree it is horrible on the road! We have seen 6 accidents so far in just the first hour- nasty, nasty ones.

    The roads are flooded too. Our neighbor is watching the house and he is retired so hopefully all is well. On the bright side my FIL in Palm Springs called to remind us to bring our bathing suits last night :)

  4. Ronni says

    I was just going to mention the rain….it’s been pouring here in Central CA….Drive Safely.

  5. Endcapps says

    Hope your girls have a fantastic time at Disneyland! You picked the perfect age to take them — mature enough, but still filled with wonderment. Report back on the ridiculous price of food/drink inside Disneyland! I nearly fell over!

  6. jennifer says

    I will be headed that way next week and would love any tips or coupon info that is available in Disneyland. I have already found an app that gives you real time updates and info and possibly coupon codes etc. on sales that some of the stores in Disneyland are having. its called mouse wait 2.5. I will be using this app for sure while I am there. anyways if you have any tips or tricks I would appreciate any info. have fun. tell Mickey we are on our way. lol


  7. Stephanie says

    Walgreens has the Kre-O Toy Buy 2 Get 1 Free. My store had them for 2.99 so if you have 2 coupons all one has to pay is the tax. If one only has one coupon, the price would be 2.99 for 3 toys. This would be a great price if this is on someone’s list or great to donate.

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