Disney Store: Ornaments $5 Costumes $30 and more…

I mentioned the great deals on Disney Animator dolls earlier today from the Disney Store.

I wanted to let you know there are a bunch more great deals available.

You might take a look at the sale section because I spotted these Princess costumes for as low as $31.  That is actually a great price on these and they really are a lot prettier then the ones for $20 or so at Target.  Plus it is just my option but the flimsy ones tend to fall off and expose little backs and chests and shoulders which is something I am not a fan of.

The ornaments are on sale for as low as $5.25 which is an excellent price.  There are several to choose from including the little Princesses and Pooh or Mickey and more…

There are a few of the hat ornaments available for $13.  Those are really pretty.  They were priced at 3 for $50 this week at Disneyland and people were snatching them up like crazy.

And this isn’t really cheap but it is super adorable.  I love this Mickey Pirates ship for $39.

Head over to the Disney Store to have a look.  You might check the sale section first.

Use coupon code DVC10 for 10% off. Shipping starts at $4.95.

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