Assassin’s Creed III $33 Shipped

Well this isn’t something I would normally post but I know a lot of people have these games on their shopping list this year and they are usually very expensive.

Today only Assassin’s Creed III is priced at $33 and you get a $3 credit back to use toward Video on Demand, another $3 credit for digital games and a $3 credit for game trade ins. 

The shipping is free and this comes in PS3 or Xbox.

The sale is today only while supplies last.

**And if you missed the prior post, Halo 4 is available for $39 with a $10 credit back.


  1. Marisa says

    Thanks so much!! I have been looking for deals on this game for my husband. I jumped on this and ordered it. I love your blog, you have saved me so much money over the past year.

    Happy holidays,

  2. Charlene says

    Yeah! I was afraid I would be yelled at for posting a violent game 😛 I am glad you found a deal- these things are so expensive!

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