Amazon Lightning Deals: (Little People, DeWalt, Martha Stewart Crafts and more…)

There are several nice sales going on at Amazon today.  I spotted everything from tools and toys to craft supplies!  These are flash sales and can go very quickly.  It’s best to be logged into your account and ready to buy a few minutes before it starts.

Here are a few of the highlights:

  • 9:40 AM PST: Aura 12 ft Trampoline
  • 10:00 AM PST: Fisher Price Little People Rumblin Rocks
  • 10:00 AM PST: DeWalt Saw
  • 10:00 AM PST: Martha Stewart Crafts Large Glitter Kit

There are many more deals so head over to Amazon to have a look.  You can either click the arrows on the left or right to scroll through everything on sale or if you prefer to sort by category, click the category drop down on the right side.


Just a reminder that they are still doing the 12 Days of Christmas featuring various books for up to 75% off.  There have been some EXCELLENT deals on best selling books like Barefoot Contessa and 50 Shades of Grey and Bill O’Reilly.

These sell out within a few hours so it is best to be ready at 8:59am PST right here to see what the latest book is.

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