Walmart Black Friday Ad 2012

Well this is really a surprise.  The Walmart Black Friday ad for 2012 is now officially available.  This year there are a few surprises- the first surprise is a 1 hour in stock guarantee on select doorbusters!  If you are at Walmart from 10pm until 11pm on Thanksgiving Day, you are guaranteed to get one of three items featured.  Should the item sell out before the hour is up, you can get a guarantee card that allows you to have the item shipped to that store before Christmas.

They are running three “events.” The first event is select items available on Thursday at 8pm, the second event is on Thursday at 10pm and the third event is Friday at 5am.

Here are some highlights from the ad- and it is a big one- and you can see the complete ad listing at the bottom of the post.

This List Has Expired
THURSDAY 22nd-Event 1 8pm
THURSDAY 22nd- Event 2 10pm
FRIDAY 23rd- Event 3 5am

Head over here to see the Walmart Black Friday ad for 2012.  And head over here to see a bunch more Black Friday ads for 2012.


  1. Jan says

    Am going to go crazy… But it’s good that most of what I might buy is in the event 2. Charlene, it would be great if you could mark an asterisk of the items you think are a good price. :-)

  2. Charlene says


    I don’t bother to type up anything that I don’t think is a good deal. Really it just depends on what items you want to buy this year. This is a big ad.

  3. ali says

    I’m not interested in any of the event items. But I am interested in the compaq laptop for $179. Can that be purchased online easily I wonder? I’m not quite clear on how it’s going to work with the other items. I want to be at Best Buy for the Kindle too.

  4. Michellle says

    I want to say that there is an awesome kids tablet that will be on sale for $129 during event 1 & 2, normally $199. It’s called the nabi 2 and it is freaking amazing! Might want to list that and people may want to research it if you are looking to get something like the Leap Pad or Innotab for the kids.

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