Toys R Us: Buy One Get One 50% off Barbie, Lego and More

Toys R Us is offering Buy One Get One 50% off on select brands this week including:

  • Crayola
  • Barbie
  • Little People
  • Hot Wheels
  • Nerf
  • Star Wars
  • Disney Princess

You can see the ad for exclusions on each brand-for the most part it excludes video games, books and movies for each brand.  There are some extra exclusions on Lego you want to note.

This offer is also available online to order.  You can pick up items in store or some items have free shipping if you have Shoprunner.

One note is that it seems to be they raised the price on a lot of items.

The Little People Disney Princess song palace has been $35-39 at most stores for a few weeks now and now the price has jumped up to $45.

So make sure you are really getting a good deal before you order.

If you missed my prior post, there is still a $20 Toys R Us voucher for $10.  This is valid in stores only.




  1. Michelle B says

    Yeah! I am SO glad they are including the LEGO Friends in this sale! My girls love them and it so hard to find them on sale!

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