Toys R Us Ad is Live!

Whew!  Looks like Toys R Us is available.  I only checked a handful of things and they were all marked correctly so you might head over and see if you get lucky with your item.

If it is still not showing the correct price, you might just sit tight for a bit longer.

Here are a few highlights from the ad:

  • Leapfrog Tag Reader $19.99
  • Power Wheels Sport Quads $49.99
  • Fisher Price Grand Dollhouse $39.99
  • Skylanders Giants Starter Pack $49.99
  • Disney Wagons $19.99
  • Step 2 Neat and Tidy Cottage $99.99
  • Barbie DVDs $3.99
  • Brave DVD $11.99
  • Xbox 360 4Gb with Kinect $349
  • PS3 250 GB Bundle $199

The train tables are usually one of the first things to go.  They are starting at $39.99.

Head over to Toys R Us to have a look.  Hopefully you have Shoprunner or you can pick up in store.  Shipping tends to be a killer.




  1. Brigitte says

    I feel like all the items I want to buy off their website aren’t eligible for Shoprunner!!! Such a bummer. I really wanted to get the Disney Princess dolls in the car seats that are on sale for Black Friday but shipping would be $6 and totally not worth it (neither are the crowds for just one toy!!)

  2. Charlene says

    Brigitte- is that a bummer or what? This is exactly why I don’t like TRU. I wanted the Playdoh set for $4 and the dollhouse for $40 and it was $17. Silly. I remember last year it was outrageous for shipping but if any store is horrifying on BF it is TRU. People go nuts there.

    One thing to note is the little flash sales they offer daily- you can keep an eye on those. The other option is last year Target ran the 12 days with amazing toy deals each day. They might do that again.

    Did you see the dolls and the dresses for $20 from Target?

  3. Katie says

    Are these online prices or just in store? I would love that doll house but it says $59 online…?

  4. Charlene says


    Some items are in store only but the majority is the same price as in store. Are you looking at the right thing? My recommendation is to pull up the weekly ad and flip page by page. When you get to the thing you want just click it and a little circle will say in store or shop online. You can add things directly to your cart there.

    The $39 dollhouse was in my cart so I am 100% sure it was $39.

  5. Charlene says

    No you are right, they did kick the price up. That Fisher Price one was for sure $39 when I posted… I am not sure what is up there.

  6. Katie says

    Weird, okay thanks. I’ll keep an eye on it and see if it goes back down.

  7. Brigitte says

    I did see the Target dolls/ dress up set but I wanted the first Princess dolls for my daughter for Christmas- she’ll be 9 months then!! I’m hoping around Easter Target will put out the awesome 50% off Disney Princess toy coupon again :) sold out of the First dolls VERY fast this morning- they were only $6 at Target today!

  8. Maranda McDougall says

    I went to Toys R Us today and they would not price match today or tomorrow and they said no coupons. So, it looks like the deals online should be the same :)

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