Target: LeapFrog Sale (Explorer $47 and More Deals!)

Target is having a nice sale on LeapFrog items today only.  Shipping is free and I imagine that many of these items will sell out.

The Explorer is $59 and that is actually lower than Black Friday prices.  If you spend $40 or more on Leapfrog items, you will get an extra 20% off at checkout.  So the final price is $47.99!

It is in the Walmart Black Friday ad for $69 so that is $20 cheaper! It looks like you also get a bonus app that is a Target exclusive valued at $7.50.

The LeapPad is included in this sale for $69 with a free gel skin.  The price should drop to about $56 when you hit checkout and it comes with a free gel skin.  You can also get the LeapPad  on Amazon for $59 with the free gel skin.
Lots of other LeapFrog items are included in this sale.  The Musical Counting Pal is a good price for $10. 
Head over to Target to take a look at all the sale items. Just remember that this is today only and the more popular items will likely sell out early in the day!
**Shipping is free on all of these items.


  1. Molly K says

    I just got the explorer and when you buy 40$ in leapfrog you get 20% off so my total came to only 47.99 :)

  2. Alisonl says

    There are a few things I have been planning to buy but these are the same prices they have been. The prices are the same on Amazon and Walmart also. When I saw this post I was hoping for a deal. Too bad.

  3. Charlene says

    Yikes Alisonl, you haven’t been happy with anything I have posted lately. I am sorry you are not finding anything at all you feel is a deal. I thought that Explorer price was really outstanding myself.

  4. Courtney says

    Thats a great deal on the leap pad 1 for those that missed the Kmart deal! Just a heads up, only some of the items are included in the buy $49 get 20%off. The leap pad 2 isn’t included. I’m trying to decide between getting the 2 version because it’s suppposed to have better battery life, and the 1, so I started checking out with the 2 in my cart and realized the discount doesn’t apply to that one.

  5. Charlene says

    Right Courtney,

    The Leappad 2 isn’t included in the sale today but good thinking to test it just to be sure.

  6. Lacy says

    I have gotten so many great deal ideas from you over the past year! Especially the Furreal Pony yesterday! That was something I wouldn’t have even considered buying because of the price and I ended up walking out with 2 because it was such an awesome deal! I also got more toys and movies on Amazon from your posts yesterday as well as a $5 of $25 amazon coupon! i probably saved $200 yesterday alone because of you! Some of us appreciate your site very much :)

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