Target: Free Holiday Placemats

Update: I hope you printed the coupon when it was posted because they have now revised the wording and it does exclude placemats.  If you did not print the coupon a few days ago, it will no longer apply to this offer.

This week Target has Threshold Holiday placemats on sale for $3.00.

They have also released a new coupon for $3.00 any Home Brand or Threshold Table Linen item.  The coupon does include:

  • Table Runners
  • Tablecloth
  • Chair Pad
  • Placemat
  • Napkins

So you can grab a placemat for free!

I was thinking I wanted to get these for our kitchen table anyway so now I am very happy!

We have (2) computers so I can print a total of 4 coupons.  You can only use (1) like Target coupon per transaction but I certainly go to Target enough so I can just grab one each time I visit.

These would be cute for putting out Santa’s cookies on Christmas Eve too!

I would suggest printing that coupon right away.  As of posting there is no minimum purchase requirement but that may change at any time.

Head over here to see a bunch more Target deals for the week!


  1. Charlene says


    I did it today and the coupon beeped- they have to push it through. It would beep on anything you purchased though. I also bought a tree skirt and used the $2 off Holiday decor coupon and that beeped too. If you have any issues just go to customer service. The coupon clearly states it is valid on placemats so there is no reason for them to refuse it.

  2. Dona Navarro says

    I saw an idea on Pintrest to use placemats to make holiday pillow covers that tie on with ribbon so you can switch them out for different holidays. That would be a great use for FREE placemats!

  3. Hally says

    I went to T last night, walk all over the store… I can’t fine these. where abouts are these placemats?

    thank you.

  4. Charlene says

    Hally, They have a section with holiday linens that is right by the regular tablecloths and placemats. They also have a section of holiday home decor that is next to the Smith and Hawkin items. Did you ask an employee for help? They are in the ad so most stores should have them on display.

  5. Kelly says

    The coupon specifically says “Excludes placemats and napkins”. WHAT A WASTE of printer ink.

  6. Charlene says


    Please don’t leave unpleasant remarks. It is just not neccessary to be rude. I would suggest that you read the post again before you start yelling. I printed this myself on Sunday and there was no such exclusion. As I did very clearly state, the coupon can change at any time. Sadly you waited 4 days to print and the coupon did change.

  7. Hally says

    mine did NOT say “exclude”……. i just can’t find it in store…

    Thx Charlene. I forgot it was in the AD.. i will ask the clerk today when i go. visiting same T… if have time, will visit another T.

  8. tracy says

    i printed from 2 separate computers and both said excludes placemats/napkins…also tried using it in store and it was rejected due to exclusion

  9. Charlene says


    As mentioned in the post the coupon can change at any time. When I posted this on Sunday it was a perfectly valid deal. Now it is Thursday and the coupon has changed the exclusions. It isn’t a matter of printing from various computers, it is a matter of printing the coupon several days after it was posted and now it changed. This has happened in the past which is why I posted it Sunday and said that you really do want to print the coupon right away. You can’t use a coupon on an item it isn’t intended for so if it says they are excluded you simply missed the offer.

    In the future I really do encourage you to print the coupons quickly (same day they are posted is best) so you don’t miss out again. 😉

  10. fethiye says

    I did this deal and loved getting my free placemats!! They beeped, customer service guy was not happy to apply the coupon and give the stuff away for free. We read ever little detail written on it, and it clearly stated could be used on placemats. Oh well Target; do not make a sale and release a coupon that matches the sale price at the same time :)

    May go and buy the matching table runner, too.

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