Starbucks: New Holiday Beverage Tasting Card (Free Grande Drink)

Starbucks just announced a fun new promotion.  Pick up a holiday beverage tasting card at your local Starbucks.  Next collect a sticker each time you purchase a holiday beverage through January 2nd.  Once you collect 5 stickers, you will get any Grande beverage of your choice for free!

I just tried the Caramel Brulee latte and it was yummy.

You have until March 4th to redeem your completed tasting card.

And don’t forget about the Starbucks 12 Days of Christmas– lots of nice promotions!



  1. kim says

    I don’t know if this a local deal or not but McDonalds is offering a free med McCafe beverage with every $10 gift card you buy.

  2. Jenell says

    I am part of Starbucks reward program. I wonder if I can use my Starbucks card, get a credit toward a free drink (free after 12) and also get a stamp on a card. Great deal!

  3. Stephanie says

    Awesome… I recently got a skinny decafe peppermint mocha… I don’t recommend! Lol. I was kind of turned off from trying the holiday drinks after that. But now new incentives. I want to love them. I really do.

  4. Charlene says


    Those are a bit too sweet for me too but did you know you can ask for one pump? That tones down the sweetness.

  5. Charlene says


    I bought one today and used my phone to pay so yes it works :)

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