Shop For Free at Target and Walmart

Here is the latest and greatest Shop for Free list for Target and Walmart stores. These prices can vary from region to region so you may not find the exact same deals. These are items you can get for free or practically free after coupon!

Note Target changes prices on Sunday and Walmart changes on Tuesday. These should be ongoing deals (unless otherwise noted) except they can occasionally change things up on those days.

At the end of the month, coupons do change over so best to print what you need right away. Please note a few coupons do expire 11/30.

Target Shop for Free



You can see the Shop for Free list for the drugstores here.


  1. Charlene says

    Grammy, Target begins underneath the headline in blue that says “shop for free target”. Walmart begins under the blue headline in all caps that says SHOP FOR FREE WALMART.

  2. Endcapps says

    Target: I got Truvia Natural Sweetener free after coupons. These are not mainstream coupons, but hope it helps someone.

    Truvia 40ct $3.29 price-cut
    – $2/1 Truvia from ALL YOU Magazine
    -$1.50/1 Truvia from Target Holiday Coupon Book (customer service)
    Free, plus a little overage went to my cart

  3. zc says

    which glade coupon did you use??? I see some glade Qs but I dont see one corresponding to the deal.

    Im talking about the glade scented oil warmer deal.

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