Raley’s: Free Water, Flour and Salad (11/12-11/15)

Well, Raley’s is at it again!  This time they are offering three new freebies through Thursday the 15th!

Here’s what you can get for FREE when you make a $20 qualifying purchase:

  • 24-pack of R-Everyday Purified Drinking Water
  • Gold Medal Flour 5lb Bag
  • Fresh Express Garden Salad

This offer is only valid at California locations and no coupon is needed.

You can see the Raley’s deals good through Tuesday here.

Note: Limit one of each free item per person. Available while supplies last. No rainchecks. Single transaction excludes the price of the free items, alcohol, tobacco, fluid milk, prescription drugs, gift cards, fuel, stamps and lottery tickets.


  1. audrey says

    Our Northern California Raleys are all on strike so I’ve received a few of these offers. Just a heads up. I personally can’t do that to my clerks that are so good to me about accepting my crazy coupons :-)

  2. lisa says

    FYI Our Merced store employees are NOT on strike. The employees that are striking in front of our store are shipped in from other areas or other union members. Our employees have decided not to strike and I will support them to help their company not go under. We need the jobs in our town. We have one of the highest unemployment rates in the state.

  3. tamara says

    our turlock, ca employees are not on strike either. I asked my clerk how she felt and she said, “baby, come shopping when ever u want I dont support the strike and neither do 97% of the rest of our store.” so i shopped.

  4. Kelly says

    Tamara, that’s really good to know that most of the employees don’t support it, thanks for sharing!

  5. Jennifer says

    our Manteca employees aren’t striking either the only people that were on strike must have been shipped in…I didn’t recognize any of them and my regular checkers were in the store and annoyed with all of it… sounds like typical union garbage to me crazy at a time like this when our communities need all of the jobs we can get…POINT IS my checkers said “cross the picket lines” they aren’t in support of the strike!

  6. Jenny says

    Please don’t cross the picket line if your near by store is on strike. I have lots of friends that work for the company. It is not the employees fault….
    Thanks for your support..

  7. Tabetha says

    There were picketers in front of my Modesto store, but I didn’t recongnize any of them either. All the normal cashiers/workers/etc. I know were inside working! Personally, I think it’s awful that those union workers are picketing in front of stores that’s are no where near them…and hurting the employees of that stores jobs! Go affect your own store! Not someone else’s….OK, off my soapbox:)

  8. Diane says

    I recognize the picketers at my Citrus Heights Raley’s and I won’t cross the picket line. However, there are no picketers at BelAir and they have the same deals. I had a $5 off $20 coupon to use by today, so I used it and got the free goodies.

  9. Sandi says

    Do you know if the original price of the free items counts toward the required $20 purchase?

  10. Glenn Coffman says

    Sandi, when we had the printable SQ’s free items would count toward a $$$ purchase amount. Last week the free items ‘did not’ count and even the $5/$20 SQ cut into the $20 and I got charged full price on a free item (I had $20.xx pre-q of non-free items.)

    Could not go to CS…no one there due to strike. LOOKs like the ppl who generate deals are ALSO on strike. Generally, I avoid supermarkets…I spend real money.

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