Raley’s: Free Bananas, Bread and More (11/09-11/11)

Just in case you missed the email from Raley’s, here is a reminder about the 3 Day Free For All today through Sunday!

Head on in to Raley’s, make a $20 qualifying purchase and get the following FREE:

  • Bananas (up to 2lbs)
  • Raley’s Hearty Variety Bread
  • Raley’s Tortilla, Potato or Kettle Chips
  • Simply Orange Juice 1.75L

I think we can all agree that it’s refreshing to see some healthy food offered as freebies (minus the chips maybe)!

This offer is only valid at California locations.

Plus when you make a $20 qualifying purchase, you’ll also get a coupon for $5 off your next transaction, which will be redeemable through November 16th.

You can see this week’s Raley’s deals here.

Note: Limit one of each free item per person. Available while supplies last. No rainchecks. Single transaction excludes the price of the free items, alcohol, tobacco, fluid milk, prescription drugs, gift cards, fuel, stamps and lottery tickets.



  1. Julianne says

    Finally some good deals, but during the employee strike. Moral dilemma :(

  2. Pam says

    If you read the letter that Raley’s put out on their website that outlines the dispute, it may help in deciding whether to cross the picket line or not.

  3. Melinda says

    I work for Bel Air, and even though Raley’s is on strike, we will be soon too…when our contract expires.
    I just wanted to point out that the dispute is so much more then what is on the Raley’s website. You can read the other side of the argument at yourbreadandbutter.com a website for the Union.
    We are not striking because we are upset about the Sunday pay cuts and pay raise freezes. We are striking because Raley’s wants to take away our benefits and pension plans from ALL of the retired employees. Meaning the people who built that company from the ground up. They want to take that away. They also want to take away the benefits and insurance we have worked so hard to have.
    You can freeze my pay and take away the ‘Perks’ but don’t mess with my retirement/pension/and health care.

  4. Charlene says


    Do you think they will close more stores if they don’t make these cuts?

  5. Melinda says

    It’s hard to say. They have been threatening store cuts for many years. It’s hard for me to sympathize because they just launched a multi million dollar Something Extra program, yet claim to be losing millions every year. Not only that, but they have cut everyone down to 16-24 hours a week and then hired people of the street to stand at the door and sign people up for the program, instead of giving hours to the employees.
    And yes Fethiye is right, they are offering these specials because of the tremendous loses we’ve taken due to the strike.

  6. ednelle says

    I enjoy shopping at my local Raley’s simply because of the wonderful customer service I receive each time I shop there. I was saddened to see Raley’s employees on strike this past Sunday. I asked what it’s all about and it’s exactly what you said. The strikers were very polite and did not stop me or make any comments about me shopping there. But my husband and I turned around and headed to Save Mart because we just couldn’t see ourselves not supporting Raley’s employees. I agree with your comments and hope Raley’s will have a change of heart because I so miss shopping there. Good luck to all Raley’s employees on strike! My family and I support you!

  7. AJ says

    I’m sorry Melinda, I had no idea their was even a strike, how long has it been going on?

    And whoever came up with this Something Extra program is an idiot cause it sucks!

    I don’t get why they didn’t copy the Safeway’s Just 4 U program.

  8. Amy says

    Question. Does this track to your card? If I did this deal yesterday, if I go in and buy groceries again this weekend and use the $5 catalina will I get another $5 coupon? Can I get the free items again? Yes, one per person. But if someone else in my household goes (with same phone number) can they? Thanks!

  9. Heather says

    Amy- I used a $5 coupon on my order earlier this week (a nice stranger handed it to me on my way into the store). I was with my kids…so was a little distracted and forgot to give my phone number to the checker. The $20 limit had to be after the $5 coupon was applied, before he would ring up the free items. I received the items free. I did not get another $5 coupon. Hope that helps you. I don’t think you need a card to get the items free. Anyone know if the $5 offer rolls?

  10. Melinda says

    Thank you for your support Ednelle and AJ! I know this is the appropriate place to vent, I just want to make sure everyone gets the truth and not what they hear or read in the media! And AJ they started striking last Sunday the 4th.

  11. Amy says

    Ok, so went again. Out of bread. Forgot number as was asking cashier why strikers out front if a non-union store. Guess some of our employees were sent to Sacramento to cover striking stores, so some of the striking employess came down to our store 2 hours away to picket. Confusing.
    Anyhow, used $5, got new $5 off. Total after all was just over $15.

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