Raley’s and Bel Air Coupon Deals 11/7

Here are the best deals I see at Raley’s this week.  You can also see the Raley’s coupon policy here.

You can read about the loyalty card program here.  They are now accepting registrations for the program in store or online here.
Here are the deals for the week as well as a handful of deals running 10/31-11/27.


DEALS 10/31-11/27

You can see the Raleys Catalina offers here.


  1. Amanda says

    I found the funfetti cake mix on sale for $1.08 each and there were tear pads next to them for $1/2!! Inexpensive for my favorite cake mix!!

  2. Leng Lian says

    anybody know how to shop raley’s with the quality of life card (linked to saving star) and the new something’s extra card ? i was told that you can link the quality of life card to the something’s extra card and after that, your charity will get the %off when you use the new card. but nobody seems to know if the saving star coupons will be effected if the new card is used …

  3. Kina says

    Ready for this…
    10 Smart Ones @ $1.49 = $14.90, used $4 off 10 printable and $2 of $10 Frozen Foods purchase. Final price per each = $0.89
    2 Marzetti’s Salad Dressing @ $2.99, used 2 – $2 off mfg cpns
    4 Diet Cherry 7-up 2L and 2 Diet Canada Dry Cranberry Ginger Ale 2L ( doesn’t that sound yummy?) $.79 sale price, no coupons but one was a free item.
    4 Diet Dr. Pepper 2L, used 2 – $1/2 mfg cpns
    1 Bailey’s Creamer @ $1.49 (now that my $1.50 cpns have expired, uhggg ), used the $0.75 printable.
    5 Almond Accents clearanced at $1.50 (Manteca, CA Raleys), used 5 – $0.55 mfg cpns from a tear pad in the Food4Less in Weston Ranch.
    3 Horizon 3 pks of chocolate milk (at the request of my niece) clearanced at $1 ea. no cpns.
    1 doz Eggs – free item
    1 Avocado – free item
    1 Lay’s Chips – free item

    $80.62 almost full retail (some items were on clearance so the regular price doesn’t show up on my receipt) on all the items in my order. $51.56 was the sale price total on the products I chose though the free items list at regular price. There was a $2 of $10 frozen foods on my Something Extra card offers and a $3 off $30. I had $13.50 in mfg cpns. So subtotal $24.03 plus the $5 catalina back. Total $19.03 or 76% off the full retail or 63% off the sale price total. Pretty good for actual food items.

  4. Kina says

    Oh yeah, I wanted to ask about the Turkey you mention above. My store didn’t seem to have that deal so I was wondering if it was one of your Something Extra offers?

  5. Charlene says

    No Kina it was listed in my ad. Did you check your local ad for the offer?

  6. Kina says

    I grabbed one in the store and it didn’t show it. I even asked a manager, she didn’t recognize the deal. I looked it up online just a bit ago and I do see it there. I was looking in the Meat department which I now realize was probably my faux pas. They are probably located in the freezer section since it says Frozen Turkeys. Can’t win them all I suppose. Thanks for the help. :)

  7. Endcapps says

    Hope this helps someone avoid making my mistake. The instore Ad Circulars are not being delivered, so have a back-up Ad reference. My store manager said that UPS normally delivers the Ad Circulars, but UPS is not crossing the picket.

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