{Expired} Lego Apple Tree House $33 Shipped

Here is a great deal on the Lego Apple Tree House set.  You can get this for $32.99 and that includes free shipping.

I think this set is really adorable- there is so much detail from the basketball net to the lawnmower.

This has 539 pieces and the reviews are nearly perfect!

Head over to Amazon to grab it.



  1. Charlene says


    That means you missed the sale ;). You can always check back because it might go down in price again.

  2. Emily says

    I thought I clicked over pretty quickly- within a few minutes. That sale was over quick! :(

  3. Charlene says

    Sorry Emily, I wish I had control over pricing or a crystal ball to see how long deals will last. Unfortunately Amazon can change at any second depending on how many people are rushing to get a deal. I can’t control it and I never know how long things will last once I click publish.

    I am very certain it was on sale and I am sorry you missed it.

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