Leapfrog Explorer $37 Shipped!

Here is a great deal on a Leapster Explorer.  You can get this guy for $37 and the regular price is $47-60. 

The pink one works out to $36 and the green is $38 plus shipping is free.

To get this offer head over to Yoyo.com and click Leapfrog.  Select the green or the pink priced at $55.

Add them to your cart and use coupon code: YBATTLE at checkout.  That will work on any of the items you see on this page to take 30% off so you might take a look at the accessories and maybe the app card.

The shipping should be free!

And if you want the new swanky Leapster GS, that is priced at $63.  Use the coupon code above and it drops to $44.

This has been about $69 so I think that is a great price.  The shipping is also free.

**You might take a look at the other items on sale as well.  They have Megabloks, Radio Flyer and more.

One last note. If you have never ordered from Yoyo.com before, they give first time buyers 30% off.  If there are other items you want, you might consider using that first time code first and then come back and get these items.


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